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Become a Living Food Instructor

Be the Change: Train to Teach Lifelong Health Through Raw Vegan Culinary Skills

Living Food Instructor

Course Delivery

Online with Site Based Practical Days


4 Months

Start Date

September 2024

The course can be completed in one semester. There are five practical days at intervals of one month alongside supported online learning.

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The Programme

The Living Food Instructor Course is a professional training course designed to teach students the principles of raw vegan nutrition. Upon completion of the programme, participants will be able to teach living food preparation classes of their own. The course will demonstrate a variety of dishes and recipes that students can use for this purpose. Online support will be available, and students will have access to the school's online library. The course spans one semester.




Course Content

  • What is living food?
  • The fundamentals of nutrition
  • High sources of protein, calcium, minerals, and vitamins in living foods
  • Approaching dietary change for health within the context of natural healing as a lifestyle
  • The importance of pure air, water, and sunlight
  • Filling your life with meaningful sources of energy
  • Transitioning to a raw food diet
  • The difficulties faced in giving up addictive, toxic foods
  • Preparing delicious alternatives to your regular foods
  • Living food 'on the run': quick, no-fuss meals for busy people
  • Sprouting a wide variety of grains, legumes, seeds, and nuts
  • What makes wheatgrass so special?
  • Successfully growing wheatgrass in a cold climate
  • Preparing wonderful, tasty, and satisfying meals for family and friends
  • Launching your career as a living food instructor
  • Incorporating feedback into your classes
  • Regulations regarding health and hygiene
  • Reaching and teaching a wider audience: clubs, schools, therapy centres, community groups, etc.
  • The spirituality of living food
  • Growing to love high-vibrational food
  • Raising your vibration through vital foods to connect with the planet and others


The online content of the course is written by a number of experts, including Brian Clement, and refers to works by John Ray Christopher and others. See the academic team page for detailed information about our tutors.

The practical living food preparation days are delivered by Veronica O'Reilly and Asta DereŇ°kevińćienńó.

Veronica is a Living Food Chef and the author of two books 'Raw in a Cold Climate one and Two'.

Asta is a Master Herbalist and Raw Food Instructor.Asta is a Master Herbalist and Raw Food Instructor. Asta grew up with living foods and specialises in fermentation processes.

Course Format

The course is delivered online, and students will have a tutor for the online portion. There are five practical Saturdays approximately once monthly and the course runs from September 2024 until January 2025.


Practical Saturday Dates

Dates will be released in advance of the programme. 

Application Procedure

To register for a place on the course, applicants should first arrange an interview with the Course Director. Places are allocated based on this interview/discussion, during which students can also have further questions answered. To progress this process, please fill in the application form.

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Study fees are ‚ā¨1,800.¬†


Start Date

The next course commences in September 2024.



Build A Successful  and Meaningful Health Business 

People everywhere are realising the need to take responsibility for their health. It is a widely accepted fact that diet is central to this journey, and that the plant-based approach is not only better for personal health but also for the health of the environment.

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